The will of the ailing dolphin.

When I watch the news or read a newspaper, looking at all the problems in the world, they stick to me.  Sometimes I wonder how people can go on smiling and wonder if anyone even cares, but then I read stories like this and I feel a little bit braver.  Don’t worry, this will make more sense after you read it.

This story involves a dolphin that, during an experiment, apparently became so chilled that it was unable to swim.  Placed back in the main tank with 2 other dolphins, it sank to the bottom, where it was bound to suffocate unless it could reach the surface to breathe.  However, it gave the distress call and the other two dolphins immediately lifted its’ head until the blowhole was out of the water, so that it could take a deep breath.

It then sank again and a great deal of whistling and twittering took place among the three animals.  The 2 active ones began swimming past the other so that their dorsal fins swept over an area that caused a reflex contraction of the fluke muscles – much as one can make a dog scratch itself by rubbing the right spot on its’ flank.  The resultant action of the flukes lifted the animal to the surface and this was repeated for several hours until the ailing dolphin had recovered.

Our planet is such an interesting one!  There is so much to learn.  Except that I don’t think we need to learn to care.   We are wired for it, the desire is built in, we just need to be braver and listen to it.  When I see somebody that needs help my first feeling is that I want to help, that I want them to know I care, that they are not alone.  When I say my first feeling, I’m talking about the tug on the heart, the faster than the speed of light reaction that happens before my head talks me out of it.  No, let someone else help them, you can’t help everyone, you don’t know why they are down, it’s probably their own fault, no one helped me and I made it, how can I help them? I can’t make a difference, until caring feels like moving a mountain.  But it doesn’t have to!  Start mini!  You probably have plenty of good ideas for how to show someone you care, but check out the mini care package at  It’s one of my favorites because it lifts the spirit, and that is more important than feeding someone.


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